Keyboard shortcuts

Use Preferences > Keyboard to set your preferred keyboard shortcuts. The following shortcuts are the initial default settings:

Key Combination Action
Help   Show Help
Delete   Clear Selection
Shift-Delete   Clear Outside
Tab   Next Step
Return   Start/Stop Generating
Left   Scroll Left
Right   Scroll Right
Up   Scroll Up
Down   Scroll Down
Space   Next Generation
Shift-Space   Advance Outside
Control-Space   Advance Selection
 Show Tool Bar
Command-'   Show Tool Bar
Shift-+   Faster
Command-,   Preferences...
 Show All States
Command-.   Show All States
 Show Edit Bar
Command-/   Show Edit Bar
Shift-Command-/   Show Help
 Change Origin
 Set Scale 1:1
 Set Scale 1:2
 Set Scale 1:4
Command-5   Random Fill
 Set Scale 1:16
 Set Scale 1:8
 Restore Origin
Command-9   Restore Origin
 Show Status Bar
Command-;   Show Status Bar
 Rotate Anticlockwise
>    Rotate Clockwise
 Show Help
Command-?   Show Help
F2   Cursor Mode: Draw
F3   Cursor Mode: Pick
F4   Cursor Mode: Select
F5   Cursor Mode: Move
F6   Cursor Mode: Zoom In
F7   Cursor Mode: Zoom Out
F11   Full Screen
 Zoom Out
Command-[   Zoom Out
 Show Layer Bar
Command-\   Show Layer Bar
 Zoom In
Command-]   Zoom In
Shift-_   Slower
 Select All
Command-A   Select All
 Invert Colors
Command-B   Invert Colors
 Cycle Cursor Mode
Command-C   Copy Selection
 Show Exact Numbers
Command-E   Show Exact Numbers
 Fit Pattern
Command-F   Fit Pattern
Shift-F   Fit Selection
Shift-Command-F   Fit Selection
 Show Help
 Pattern Info
Command-I   Pattern Info
 Remove Selection
Command-K   Remove Selection
 Show Grid Lines
Command-L   Show Grid Lines
Option-L   Open: Help/Lexicon/lex.htm
Shift-L   Cycle Paste Location
Command-M   Middle
Shift-M   Cycle Paste Mode
Command-N   New Pattern
Command-O   Open Pattern...
Shift-Command-O   Open Clipboard
 Show Patterns
Command-P   Show Patterns
Shift-P   Show Scripts
Shift-Command-P   Show Scripts
Command-Q   Quit Golly
Command-R   Reset
 Shrink and Fit
Command-S   Save Pattern...
Shift-S   Open: Scripts/Python/
 Auto Fit
Command-T   Auto Fit
Shift-T   Show Timing
Command-U   Use Hashing
Command-V   Paste
 Flip Left-Right
Command-X   Cut Selection
 Flip Top-Bottom
Command-Z   Undo
Shift-Z   Redo
Shift-Command-Z   Redo

The following actions currently have no keyboard shortcuts:

About Golly
Add Layer
Clone Layer
Delete Layer
Delete Other Layers
Disable Undo/Redo
Duplicate Layer
Move Layer...
Name Layer...
Next Higher State
Next Lower State
Paste to Selection
Run Clipboard
Run Script...
Save Extended RLE
Scroll NE
Scroll NW
Scroll SE
Scroll SW
Set Base Step...
Set Generation...
Set Layer Colors...
Set Pattern Folder...
Set Rule...
Set Script Folder...
Show Cell Icons
Show Hash Info
Shrink Selection
Stack Layers
Synchronize Cursors
Synchronize Views
Tile Layers